When it comes to service....

For well over 30 years we have been dealing with real estate in a professional and discreet way.

For the rental of your property, we work with multinationals, relocation offices, military and diplomats with NATO and embassies and of course with people like you and me.

For the valuation of your property (for sale or rental), we immediately carry out all the research necessary for a correct valuation - with no surprises afterwards.

In addition, we do not make untenable promises when evaluating your property, which will save you a lot of problems later.

We also have very good professional contacts with other real estate agents which often allows us to have fruitful collaborations for you and for us too at the same time.

If you want to contact us in French, Dutch, German, English or Spanish? No problem! If however you do not master any of these languages, we will find a possibility to communicate.

You can also contact us to request various certificates such as the EPC, the electrical inspection and also the new and necessary asbest certificate for the sale of a property built before 2001.

Because communication and service are guaranteed with us!


See you soon,


Helena Vanvolsem

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